QMG Training & Implementation

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program 

This program will be for 16 days in Bangalore, that is consecutive 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) in a month for 8 months and is oriented towards ASQ (American Society for Quality) Certification. Participants for this program are generally from Manufacturing, Service and IT/ITES sectors.

This program helps Managers to achieve breakthrough improvements through projects within the respective  organizations under the guidance of  QMG faculty. Each  Black  Belt  Project shall have a  financial impact of minimum 75 Lakhs to 1 Crore / Annum. The Black Belts will also be able to percolate the Quality Management concepts down the line. 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program

This program is done in-house and involves 16 half days of training spread over  to 8 months. This program is suitable for Manufacturing, Service and IT/ITES sectors. 
This program helps Engineers in the work area to achieve continual improvements through projects under the guidance of QMG faculty directed towards producing products and services of high quality at low cost, each time and every time. The Green Belts shall also be able to mentor their subordinates on the relevant tools and techniques. 

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Program 

This program is done in the respective organizations and involves 12 half days of training in the local language and spread over to 6 months. This program is ideal for front line employees in the Manufacturing and Service sectors. 
This program helps Operators and Supervisors to achieve incremental improvements (Kaizens) through projects guided by QMG faculty in their respective work areas. The Yellow Belts shall be able to practice quality as a way of life through widespread application of basic tools and techniques for quality control.